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Flights to UAE have increased price by 50% as residents try to return



Flights to UAE have increased price by 50% as residents try to return

Flights from India and Pakistan have skyrocketed as UAE residents stranded in these two countries make a beeline for the UAE, according to Khaleej Times.

According to travel agents, ticket rates on all possible routes from India and Pakistan to the UAE have jumped by at least 50% since the announcement.

A nonstop, one-way economy ticket from Cochin, Kerala, to Dubai, which was previously priced between Dh700 and Dh850, is now priced between Dh1,050 and Dh1100.

Similarly, one-way economy class travel from Mumbai to Dubai might cost as much as Dh1,300.

These are the most recent airfares for the week beginning August 12 and going forward. Passengers who arrived in the UAE or scheduled their trips prior to August 10 paid significantly more.

“I am catching a flight from Mumbai on August 9, and I have paid Dh6,500 for this,” said Shruti K, a Dubai resident who had been stuck in India since her last visit in April.

Similarly, ticket for flights from many cities in Pakistan is being marketed at exorbitant prices.

A nonstop economy class flight from Islamabad to Dubai costs Dh2,300 and above. The same ticket for travel in November 2020 cost roughly Dh800, a stunning 180 percent difference.

A one-way economy-class ticket from Karachi to Dubai, which would ordinarily cost Dh600 to Dh650, is currently being marketed for Dh1,200 or more, about quadruple the price.

The huge increase in airfares reflects the high demand for these routes connecting numerous cities in India and Pakistan to the UAE.

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