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HBL and PIA collaborate to offer special discounts to customers



HBL and PIA collaborate to offer special discounts to customers

It was signed by Air Marshal Arshad Malik, Chief Executive Officer of Pakistan International Airlines (PIA), and Muhammad Aurangzeb, President and Chief Executive Officer of HBL. Sultan Ali Allana, Chairman of HBL, as well as key executives from both firms were in attendance at the ceremony.

HBL and PIA have a long-standing business relationship that has been built on a number of successful transactions over the years. HBL is PIA’s premier banking partner and the preferred service provider for all of PIA’s banking needs, both domestically and internationally. The product areas covered by HBL’s relationship with the National Carrier include nationwide collections, payments and payroll administration, point of sale (POS) systems, trade finance, and other financial services.

Additionally, the two firms have collaborated on a number of offshore and local financing solutions, such as HBL’s recent involvement in a syndicated USD based long-term financing facility and PIA’s most recent SUKUK offering.

Holders of HBL Debit and Credit Cards will be able to take advantage of exceptional discounts on local and international travel with PIA as a result of this partnership. With a desire to promote tourism in Pakistan, particularly the stunning natural landscapes that the country has to offer, the national flag carrier has set out to achieve this goal. HBL’s position as the market leader in the Debit and Credit Card markets, as well as having the largest number of cardholders, will aid in the realization of this objective.

All PIA booking offices (domestic and international) as well as the company’s corporate website allow consumers to complete transactions quickly and easily, making the procedure convenient and seamless for them.

Aviation Marshal Arshad Malik complimented both teams for bringing a new level of sophistication to air travel in the United States of America. He made the following remarks when speaking at the event:

“PIA is following a comprehensive restructuring plan to turn around the stature of the national flag carrier. We are en route to resurgence despite the recent challenges, and this is only possible with an enhanced focus on partnerships and alliances with organizations like HBL.”

He stated that the PIA and HBL have been long-term partners and natural allies, and that it is past time for us to work together to promote tourism throughout the country, according to him. He described Sultan Ali Allana, Chairman of HBL, as a wonderful friend of Pakistan International Airlines and a guiding beacon for the country’s corporate sectors.

In his remarks on the occasion, Muhammad Aurangzeb, President and Chief Executive Officer of HBL, said:

“We are delighted to have entered into this strategic partnership with PIA. HBL has a long-standing relationship with PIA. This alliance will make travel more rewarding for our customers and it is another step towards HBL’s commitment to supporting the national agenda to promote travel and tourism across Pakistan.”

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