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Honda will reveal the new City edition in Pakistan on July 29




Honda Atlas will introduce the next generation of its best-selling new City edition on July 29. It is also expected that the corporation would release the prices of the five variations.

In the b-sedan segment, Honda City’s most direct competition is the Toyota Yaris. However, auto analysts believe that Changan and Proton’s lower-priced sedans Alsvin and Saga, as well as their other new models, could take a piece out of the category’s pie.

The car will be offered in five different configurations: 1.2L Automatic Transmission (AT), 1.5L Standard, 1.2L Manual Transmission (MT), 1.5L Aspire AT, and 1.5L MT. The automobile will be available in five different configurations.

New City Edition

“If you ordered City today, it will be delivered in March 2022,” according to a representative from a Honda dealership in Karachi, Pakistan. “A large number of orders have been placed for the car.”

In spite of the fact that the firm has not revealed the prices, shape, or features of the new sixth-generation City, media reports indicate that over 12,000 units have already been reserved for the vehicle.

Following the launch, the new model will be on display at dealerships across the country. Honda dealerships in Karachi, such as those in Sharae Faisal and Defence, are set to display the new model on July 30 and 31, respectively. The vehicle will be on display at the dealership in Maymar beginning early next week.

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