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New COVID-19 laws allows businesses to work till 10pm in Sindh



New COVID-19 law allows businesses to work till 10pm in Sindh

KARACHI: The Sindh government has announced New COVID-19 laws that the operating hours for commercial activities in the province have been extended till 10 p.m., according to a statement released Friday.

Indoor Dining 

Specifically, according to the notification, indoor dining will now be permitted in hotels and restaurants until 12am; however, they will continue to operate at a 50 percent capacity, which has only been permitted for those who have been vaccinated.

Meanwhile, according to the announcement, food orders for home delivery and takeaway will henceforth be accepted at all hours of the day and night.

Wedding venues

According to the latest announcement, wedding venues with an outside layout for the event will be able to accommodate 400 attendees, while interior events will be able to accommodate 200 guests.


According to the notification, cinemas and theaters will now be permitted to function until 1am; however, only those who have been vaccinated will be permitted to access the premises.

Religious shrines

According to the notification, religious shrines will be permitted to operate throughout the province as long as they strictly adhere to the government’s prescribed coronavirus standard operating procedures (SOPs), which must be followed at all times.

Public and private offices

The provincial government has also agreed to enable all private and public offices in the province to work at full capacity; however, all offices will be required to adhere to the coronavirus standard operating procedures (SOPs).

All decisions, according to the announcement, will be in effect until July 31, 2021, when they will be reviewed.

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