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PTCL and Paksat, Partnership to Provide Modern Satellite Service



PTCL, Paksat, Partnership to Provide Modern Satellite Service

Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited, PTCL and Paksat signed a strategic partnership on Tuesday to develop and deliver state-of-the art integrated satellite services to meet the ever-changing national needs of the country’s public and private sectors, according to a statement released on Tuesday.

The signing ceremony was attended by key industry leaders and officials from both companies, including Suparco chairman Major-General Amer Nadeem, Paksat International Pvt Limited CEO Sadaquat Liaquat, PTCL president and Group CEO Hatem Bamatraf, and chief business services officer Zarrar Hasham Khan.

The cooperation would enable PTCL to deliver seamless access to its national and international clients through Pakistan-owned satellites, which will be connected to redundant satellite hubs and the country’s largest fiber backbone network, among other things.

PTCL will enable Paksat to serve as its partner for the country’s satellite bandwidth requirements, and Paksat will assist it in the deployment of Paksat’s existing services, as well as their planned new services, under the terms of this agreement.

Installation of satellite projects will be made possible as a result of this collaboration, with a particular emphasis on the satellite gateway of Ka-Band and internet of things (IoT) space.

Zarrar Hasham Khan, the chief business services officer of Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited, stated that the cooperation would allow the company to provide seamless connection to its clients through a Pakistan-owned satellite. This would enable us to play a crucial role in Pakistan’s digital transformation and technology revolution by providing us with the necessary resources. It will establish synergies to connect geographically dispersed places with contemporary communication infrastructure, thereby exceeding customers’ expectations.”

According to Sadaquat Liaquat, CEO of Paksat, the partnership will allow the two companies to bridge the digital divide in Pakistan by linking businesses and communities in underserved areas with the rest of the world. In Pakistan, when Pakistan’s new satellite MM1 comes online, it will prove to be the primary enabler of the country’s digital transformation.”

In the fields of Internet of Things, telemetry, and high-speed internet, where PTCL already has extensive experience, this technology will also benefit [the] corporate sector and [government organizations].