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Sindh Govt licenses pharma company to repack, and re-label the Russian COVID-19 vaccine-Sputnik-V


on COVID-19 vaccine-Sputnik-V

The Sindh government has authorized a private pharmaceutical company to refill, repackage, and label the Russian COVID-19 vaccine-Sputnik-V- for local and international sale and re-export.

According to details, on July 15, Kapai Pharma, a Karachi-based pharmaceutical company, submitted an application to Sindh’s Health Department seeking a license for the local sale and re-export of the Russian vaccine.

Surprisingly, the provincial health department granted Kapai Pharma the license and NOC on the same day, allowing the Karachi-based company to proceed with its plans.

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According to reports, in partnership with the Dow University of Health Sciences, Sputnik-V will be refilled, repackaged, and labeled for local sale and re-export (DUHS).

Health experts, on the other hand, have voiced a number of technical issues to Kapai Pharma’s license, stating that the decision was taken in haste and the firm was given the green light without their consultation.

Similarly, the Drug Regulatory Authority of Pakistan (DRAP) has stated that it is the country’s highest healthcare regulator with the exclusive authority to approve, claiming that the provincial government has infringed on the domain of a federal government institution.

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