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Turkey Establishes Honey Research Lab in Pakistan



Turkey Establishes Honey Research Lab in Pakistan
Beekeeper is working with bees standing near beehives on the apiary in summer inspecting frame full — TatianaMara File/Photo

Honey Research Lab in Pakistan: Due to the rapid growth of commercial beekeeping in rural regions, Pakistan has built a Honeyebee Research Laboratory with the assistance of Turkey in order to increase the production of high-quality honey in the country.

A ceremony held at the National Agriculture Research Center in Islamabad marked the official opening of the facility.

Turkish Ambassador to Pakistan Ihsan Mustafa Yurdakul highlighted his country’s willingness to furthering collaboration with Pakistan in a variety of spheres during his speech at the event. He noted that food security is a concern for all countries around the world, and he went on to explain why. He asserted that Pakistan and Turkey may collaborate to guarantee their food security needs are met.

Pakistan Agriculture Research Council Chairman Muhammad Azeem Khan expressed gratitude to the Turkish government for its cooperation in establishing the Honeybee Research Laboratory during his remarks on this occasion.

He stated that Pakistan produces high-quality honey, and that the construction of the laboratory will assist the country in further improving the production of high-quality honey in accordance with modern standards.

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