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Amber Heard, Aquaman star, welcomes baby girl via surrogacy



Amber Heard, Aquaman star, welcomes baby girl via surrogacy

Washington [US]: ‘Aquaman’ actor Amber Heard is celebrating the birth, months following the loss of a libel action against her by her ex-husband Johnny Depp.

The 35-year-old starlet announced on Thursday the happy news in her Twitter grip by posting a picture of herself blissfully sleeping on her chest with her child.

She penned a touching comment to the image, saying, “I’m very delighted to tell you great news. I chose to have a child four years ago.”


She proceeded with the remark, “I wanted it myself. I now see how radical it is for us women to think in this way about one of the key pieces of our destiny. I hope that we come to a moment when it is natural not to want a ring for a child.”


She then gave more information about her daughter adding, “On 8 April 2021, my daughter is born, her name is Oonagh Paige Heard.


The diva welcomed her child using the surrogacy process, according to Page Six, and named her small one after her late mother, Paige.


She always knew she wanted to be a mommy, and this is her best desire. she is very grateful to the lovely woman who helped bring Oonagh into her life,” a well near Heard said in a letter to the outlet. “Oonagh is simply beautiful.


Heard wants to be “transparent” on the baby’s birth, the person claimed.


“So many women are concerned, anxious and ashamed that they can’t talk about their fertility. Amber wants them to feel supported and recognize that there are numerous methods for a baby, even if there are challenges with fertility,” the source said on page 6.


The actor currently dates from filmmaker Bianca Butti and it was over a year since they both began the dating, but she decided to have a kid alone. According to the outlet.


Her daughter is born only one year after the death of Heard’s mother in May 2020.


Since Johnny Depp lost a legal war over libel in Great Britain in November 2020, heard has been low in profile. After being labeled as a “female beater,” the superstar actor, whom Heard has accused of abuse, sued a British daily.