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Dananeer Mobeen and Jannat Mirza have been nominated for PISA Awards 2021



Dananeer Mobeen and Jannat Mirza have been nominated for PISA-21 awards

A list of the nominees for the Pakistan International Screen Awards (PISA) has been released ahead of the event’s second edition on November 5th, in Dubai.

The PISA organizers have received nominations in 24 different categories.

The star-studded event will award honors not only to film and television screen artists but also, for the first time, to Pakistani social media personalities (TikTok and Instagram celebs), who will accept their trophies live on stage.

The TikTok stars Kanwal Aftab and Jannat Mirza, as well as Instagram star Dananeer Mobeen and Romaisa Khan, are all nominated for this year’s PISA Awards.

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In the following table, you will find the PISA 2021 nominees for the platforms TikTok and Instagram.

Most Entertaining Instagram Celebrity

  • Dananeer Mobeen
  • Romaisa Khan
  • Swineryy
  • Ukhano
  • Waliya Najib

TikToker of the Year

  • Areeka Haq
  • Kanwal Aftab
  • Jannat Mirza
  • Malik Usman Asim
  • Phullo (Toqeer Abbas)