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Employees at Kylie Cosmetics not permitted to ‘look and talk’ with Kylie Jenner



Employees at Kylie Cosmetics not permitted to 'look and talk' at with Kylie Jenner

The factory employees responsible for Kylie Cosmetics were not permitted to interact with her, much less stare at her.

This disclosure was made by a former employee of Spatz Laboratories, which manufactured the makeup mogul’s highly prized cosmetics.

Irene Lopaz told The Sun that when Kylie visits the factory with her mother Kris Jenner, employees are advised ahead of time not to connect with her at all.

“Before they entered, our superiors would instruct us, ‘You are not permitted to speak with them; you are expected to continue working; you are not permitted to take any photographs or ask any questions.'”

She stated that the Keeping Up With the Kardashians actress never spoke to employees and preferred to watch her makeup being created right in front of her.

She continued by stating that the supervisors and overall work environment were extremely poisonous.

“My superiors there were really demeaning to everyone. Everything had to be flawlessly constructed, and if it wasn’t, they would toss it in your face like trash. You were going to get fired if you didn’t move quickly enough.”