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Gwen Stefani looks wonderful with new hairstyle



Gwen Stefani shocked fans by cutting her hair, and now she’s blazing on stage with a new style.

Shelton’s wife had long blonde hair, but she also added some black streaks to her hair to create a unique look. It worked out wonderfully.

After sharing her new look on Instagram, the “Hollaback Girl” singer added a heart emoji. She created a new post, which she captioned: “Good morning.”

As the camera zoomed in on her face, the Voice judge resembled a piece of candy in her cotton pink gingham dress, glittering as she smiled. She utilized some glittery eyeshadow and expressed her own personal style. It is likely that she was wearing extensions and clip-in bangs due to the length of her hair.


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A number of fans noticed that Gwen’s winning look was largely due to her stunning hair, with one stating, “Her hair is the best part!” and an additional note was made: “So attractive! I really like this hair.”