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Mehrooz Waseem accuses Usman Mukhtar of ‘threatening’ her and leaks voice notes



Mehrooz Waseem accuses Usman Mukhtar of 'threatening' her and leaks voice notes

Mehrooz Waseem, a digital artist, has released a series of screenshots and voice notes, further slandering Usman Mukhtar after he accused the artist of harassment and abuse.

Mehrooz responded to the Janaan actor’s charges and disseminated voice recordings on her Instagram on Monday.

“Does this look like the professional gentleman?” Mehrooz is approached.

“Here he is (Usman Mukhtar) threatening me to remove a BTS shot I had on Instagram that he had never told me not to use. I utilized it because he never produced the promotional material he promised to produce,” Mehrooz stated in a lengthy paragraph below the voice note.

The audio note supplied by digital artist Mehrooz, on the other hand, comprises of Usman commenting on his rights as a director and Mehrooz’s unethical behavior throughout the circumstance.

Mehrooz also asserted that “prior to this, he had inserted Hammad Hanfi’s name to the credits list himself.” He wanted me to erase a photo of him in which only his back was visible.”

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