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Nadia Jamil is cancer free after a year-long struggle



Nadia Jamil is cancer free after a year-long struggle

Nadia Jamil, a Pakistani actress, presenter, and activist who has been battling cancer since April of last year, has declared that she is “fully cancer-free.” She announced the news on Instagram, thanking everyone who supported her.

“Officially cancer free,” the Mujhay Jeenay Do actress said on Instagram. All cancer testing came back negative. Alhamdolillah Shukar. Thank you so much for your love, prayers, and support.”

“I have some nerve damage in my feet as a result of the severe chemotherapy, but I will live to dance my way, because bhangra is all in the shoulders anyways,” Nadia said as she shared the good news.

She thanked her fellow entertainment stars, including Sania Saeed, Muniba Mazari, and Adnan Siddiqui, as well as fans and family, for their support.


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She did, however, mention some of her former acquaintances who neglected her during her difficult period, claiming that certain coworkers who are now megastars would leave her waiting or pursuing them for a response.

“I can only hope that Allah fills their hearts with respect and humility. After all, fame and name are nothing in the grand scheme of things, and we are all buried in the same soil,” she said, adding that she learned the hard way along the way that she must let go of people who make her feel “little and unimportant,” and welcome those who show compassion and respect.

Jamil also expressed thanks for all she gained during her trip, stating that she acquired “new friends and family, to whom I am tied for life.” Not through blood, but by the unwavering support they provided me during my cancer treatment and seclusion during the pandemic.”

Giving herself credit for her strength, she stated, “In the end, I have stood by myself.” My breath is what keeps me alive, and I am what protects me. It is my intellect that awakens to the early light, seeking clarity…”, adding, “It is my heart that feels overflowing with appreciation and delight for every beautiful blessing and gift the creator bestows upon me.”

Jamil disclosed in April on Twitter that she had stage one breast cancer with a grade three tumor. Nadia advised others not to neglect their bodies and health after learning her own sickness.