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Saba Qamar’s birthday letter refers to her niece ‘Billie Eilish’



Saba Qamar's birthday letter refers to her niece 'Billie Eilish'

Saba Qamar, a Pakistani film and television actress, celebrated her niece’s birthday by showering her with affection and lovely wishes, referring to her as “Billie Eilish.”

A loving birthday message for her “smart” niece was shared on Instagram by Saba Qamar, who also shared numerous humorous video clips of her.

“Happy Birthday to My Brilliant Niece,” the Manto actress wrote on Instagram. You have the sweetest heart and a sweetness that is unrivaled in the world. You are a wonder of nature. Continue to shine your light and to spread your fire. You have a great deal to contribute to this world.”

She also dubbed her niece Billie Eilish, which means “Billie Eilish.” “Khala adores you, mari sasti Billie Eilish,” says the narrator.

The touching post received hundreds of likes in a short period of time.