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Shahid Afridi states that he wants TikTok banned in Pakistan



Shahid Afridi states that he wants TikTok banned in Pakistan

Shahid Afridi has recommended a ban on TikTok in Pakistan, believing that doing so will benefit society. When he was speaking to Shehzad Roy, he mentioned this.

Once and for all, Afridi wanted Roy to help get a popular video-sharing software outlawed.

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Afridi spoke with disdain about TikTok fans producing TikTok videos with stars, which is when the discussion went to celebs using TikTok videos. The renowned musician was requested to express his voice on the TikTok issue.

I’m begging you, please get this TikTok outlawed. Please don’t forget to ban this, remarked Afridi to Roy.

As Afridi put it, he wanted to get rid of TikTok for good instead than blocking and unblocking it continually. He requested Roy to begin pushing against the Chinese app in Islamabad, in the hope that the vulgarity it was spreading would catch the attention of his colleagues.

He then went on to state that TikTok was a big social issue, causing numerous unintended consequences around Pakistan.

I have met people from all walks of life who had both the facility of education and the facility of the internet. For people to utilize the internet well, they must be educated about it, claimed Afridi.

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According to Afridi, smartphones should not be available to children under a particular age.

The cricketer explained, “Now that my daughter is 19, I have permitted her to use the phone.”