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The showrunner “The Simpsons” thinks it can go forever



The showrunner "The Simpsons" thinks it can go forever.

As reported by The Independent, The Simpsons has remained on the air for three decades and shows no signs of ending.

The program began in December of 1989 and has already completed its course, with one of the show’s creators and producer, Mike Reiss, saying that it will be ongoing for years to come. According to series showrunner Jack Reiss, the series is kind of designed to have a long-term future.

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He went on to remark, “We’ve looked at everything people can do and anything that can happen in the world. If we stop, we’re saying that we’ve seen everything.”

Adding to that, Reiss remarked that these shows like Saturday Night Live and The Daily Show work in the same manner. We don’t need to cease covering current events, as why should it?

Reiss believes that it might go long because it is a cartoon program. Cartoons never go out of style. The only reason a successful TV series is canceled is because the actors become bored of working on it. “Cartoons don’t have that problem,” he stated.

It may run for an eternity.” Also, even if The Simpsons gets canceled, it will be revived in some way during the next five years, or will spawn a number of other projects. This movie definitely has a sequel. “We have hardly been given the opportunity to both depart and return again.”

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Reiss made similar statements to Al Jean, the showrunner for The Simpsons, in an interview with Variety. Once they cancel us, they’ll bring us back to life. Even when I am no longer around, there will still be ‘The Simpsons’ in some form. To my surprise, he’d predicted that it wouldn’t disappear.