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Another woman was molested while riding in ‘Ching-chi’



Another woman was molested while riding in 'Ching-chi'
Another woman was molested while riding in 'Ching-chi' —

Following the assault on Minar-e-Pakistan, a video of a young woman being harassed in a public place recently went popular on social media, prompting calls for an investigation.

As seen in the video, a girl is traveling on Ching-chi with other females, while other males are hooting and taunting them on the road. It is at this point that one of the males approaches the Ching-chi and embraces the girl sitting in the corner, causing her to become shocked and extremely traumatized, as can be seen in the video.

Video taken by riders on the same route captures this incident in great detail.

However, the location of the video cannot be confirmed, although it is thought that the incident took place on Independence Day in Lahore, which is a national holiday.

Furthermore, individuals are unhappy and outraged as a result of this tragedy, and they have petitioned the appropriate authorities to take note of the situation.

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