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CAA has issued a warning to airlines that overcharge for PCR Tests at airports



PCR Tests

The Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) has taken note of reports claiming that airlines are overcharging passengers traveling to the United Arab Emirates for fast PCR tests conducted at airports.

The UAE government announced last month that tourists from Pakistan and five other countries who had been vaccinated will be permitted to enter the nation starting on August 5. It also made it mandatory to have a negative PCR test performed a couple of hours before departure from a testing facility located within the airport’s confines prior to departing.


The Civil Aviation Authority of India (CAA) stated in an official statement that no airline is permitted to charge a passenger more than Rs. 5,000 for quick PCR testing performed within the premises of any airport in the nation.

Management of all airports is thus instructed to ensure that all airlines closely adhere to the aforementioned regulation. In the event that airlines refuse to pay the fixed charge for quick PCR tests, the CAA will take legal action against them, according to the announcement.

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