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ECP and members of Cabinet hold Elections Talks for Next Elections




Federal cabinet members called for members of Pakistan’s Election Commission (ECP) in Islamabad to discuss the implementation of the country’s e-voting system earlier today.

According to details, Minister of Federal Information, Fawad Chaudhry, Federal Science and Technology Ministry, Sikandar Sultan Raja and ECP members met with Shibli Faraz, PM Parliamentary Affairs Adviser, Babar Awan and PM Accountability Adviser.

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At the meeting, both parties called the use of technology a positive step in general elections and discussed the ways to introduce the country’s e-voting and I-voting systems.

The federal government promised to give ECP maximum support for the implementation in Pakistan of e-voting and i-voting systems.

ECP also made an official apology on its official Facebook page, which was deleted a while later for sharing a pessimistic e-voting and i-voting report.

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During an address to the media following the meeting, Minister of Information Fawad Chaudhry said S&T Minister Shibli Faraz would provide a demonstration by the ECP members of the National Electronics Institute in the next meeting.

He urged the opposition parties to extend support to the government in introducing a system of electronic voting to ensure transparency and to incorporate millions of Pakistani citizens from across the country during the general elections.