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Hammad Azhar reopens the KPD gas field in the SSGC network



Hammad Azhar reopens the KPD gas field in the SSGC network

ISLAMABAD: The Kunnar Passaki Deep (KPD) gas field began supply to the Sui Southern Gas Company (SSGC) network on Wednesday, according to Minister of Energy Hammad Azhar.

In a tweet, the energy minister also announced the commencement of dry docking for Engro’s LNG facility, which he stated would be completed by Monday.

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Sui Northern Gas Pipelines Limited (SNGPL) gas diversions, according to Azhar, will take place mostly during this time.

Due to the closure of the KPD gas field and the dry docking of the LNG terminal, the country’s gas crisis has taken a heavy toll on the industry and the CNG sector, with the business community blaming the government’s mismanagement for the shortage.

According to a report, the SSGC experienced a gas shortage of 160mmcfd in its system, forcing CNG stations to close until July 5.

Meanwhile, the SSGCL has stated that, due to supply-side challenges, the gas utility is managing load by applying Pakistan’s Gas Load Management Plan, under which domestic and commercial customers are given first priority, followed by other categories.

The SSGC, on the other hand, firmly rejected allegations of gas load shedding anywhere inside its franchise region.

“Some pocket neighborhoods may face temporary shortages due to influx of lower volumes of gas from gas fields operated by E&P companies,” the SSGC said, according to the paper.

Similarly, some locations are undergoing pressure profiling and may experience pressure and supply concerns, particularly at night, according to the business.

‘The gas situation is expected to be resolved in 2-3 days.’
Meanwhile, SAPM for Power and Petroleum Tabish Gauhar stated that Pakistan will get a large LNG shipment in the next two to three days to help industrial units cope with the ongoing gas crisis.

“I am expecting a significant improvement in the next 2-3 days because a large shipment of LNG [liquified natural gas] has arrived and will be transmitted and distributed through the SSGCL [Sui Southern Gas Company Limited] system within a few days,” Gauhar said at a meeting with leading businessmen and industrialists in Karachi.

Due to repeated maintenance work in the fields and a shortfall exacerbated by a delay in LNG imports due to hype over the pricing of the fuel imported in the past, the government cut down gas to non-export industrial sectors.

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Gauhar stated that gas field repair and maintenance are required and unavoidable, and that the government is aware of the significant challenges that the industry is facing and aims to take every conceivable effort to alleviate the issue as soon as feasible.

He had agreed to the recommendation that a representative of the Federation of Pakistan Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FPCCI) be appointed to the SSGCL in order to bring real industry challenges to light.