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Imran Khan is reluctant to move to PM House



Imran Khan
Imran Khan is reluctant to move to PM House. —

Prime Minister Imran Khan was requested to relocate to Prime Minister, PM House to carry out his official duties, but after careful consideration, he refused and will continue to carry them out from his own residence in Banigala, Islamabad.

According to Babar Awan, Adviser to the Prime Minister on Parliamentary Affairs, “he is the first prime minister who is living at his home at his own expense during his time as premier.”

According to the information, the topic was discussed during the most recent cabinet meeting, during which a few ministers requested that the premier relocates to the PM House for various reasons.

However, the premier refuses to leave his existing residence and continues to live there without fear, according to Awan.

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According to a study published on June 13, the Prime Minister’s austerity program helped save Rs. 108 million under the expenditure of the PM House throughout his tenure from 2018 to 2021.

“When compared to prior expenditures at the PM House, Prime Minister Imran Khan saved Rs. 108 million,” Dr. Shahbaz Gill, SAPM on Political Communication, stated.

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