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In Punjab’s Khushab, two young guys gang rape a 9-year-old child



In Punjab's Khushab, two young guys gang rape a 9-year-old child

KHUSHAB: Police in Khushab, Punjab, said two young males gang-raped a nine-year-old kid and videotaped the incident, according to reports.

It occurred three days ago in the community of 22 Mb in Khushab. The criminals kidnapped the nine-year-old youngster and raped him after he was taken hostage.

On the basis of a complaint lodged by the survivor’s grandfather, an investigation was launched. Both suspects have been apprehended and are being held in prison.

Medical examination revealed that the nine-year-old youngster had been raped, according to the authorities. According to the police, the perpetrators were also in possession of a video of the rape.

According to Sahil, a child safety group based in Pakistan, approximately ten incidences of child abuse are recorded every single day in the country. According to the Pakistani Human Rights Commission, the number of documented cases is closer to 13 each day, with many more cases going unreported.