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Intermediate exams would be held on time, Saeed Ghani



Saeed Ghani Matric, Intermediate Exams in Sindh will be held in July

In a statement issued on Saturday, Sindh Education and Labor Minister Saeed Ghani said the province’s intermediate exams will go place on time as scheduled, denying concerns of an impending delay.

“Intermediate examinations will be held successful completion of matriculation exams,” the education minister stated in a statement.

On July 5, the first day of matriculation exams, the process began.

Meanwhile, the head of the Board of Secondary Education Karachi (BSEK), Professor Dr Saeeduddin, stated in a statement that the exams would be held as scheduled.

During his speech, the chairman stated that admit cards and date sheets for the tests had already been distributed.

“It is important that the pupils do not become confused in this regard,” he stated.

According to the clarification, the Sindh government had previously decided to reimpose province-wide restrictions in order to halt the spreading of coronavirus, including the closure of educational institutions.

Schedule of examinations

Grade 12 (intermediate second year) examinations will be held starting on July 26, 2021, according to a previous announcement by the Sindh Education Department (SED).

According to a notification made in this regard, exams for grade 11 (intermediate first year) would be held immediately following the conclusion of the grade 12 exams in the following order:

Tests will only be held for elective topics, according to a previous government decision. No practical exams will be administered, as previously stated.

Ghani has previously stated that the exams will be based on a 60 percent shortened syllabus, with a two-hour time limit for the examinations themselves.

As stated by the minister, 50 percent of the exam paper would consist of multiple-choice questions, 30 percent of short questions, and 20 percent of long questions.

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