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K-Electric (KE) says that its new schedule will have less load-shedding



KE says that its new schedule will have less load-shedding.

K-Electric (KE) has revised its load shedding strategy to address Karachi’s continuing power outage. The new policy calls for three hours of load shedding every day in low-loss regions within KE’s service territory.

Concerning the current regime, KE’s spokeswoman stated, “This new plan would give one to two hours of respite to areas that are currently plagued by load-shedding.”

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The updated load shedding schedule is available on the KE website, the KE Live app, and the KE WhatsApp Self Service Portal.

“Consumers enrolled with KE’s 8119 service who may be affected by this change are also being informed by SMS,” KE’s customers were informed.

It apologized for any difficulty given to its clients as a result of the problem and promised to continue doing all necessary efforts to reduce it.