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Karachi Coronavirus rate of the Positivity surpasses 14%



Karachi Coronavirus rate of the Positivity surpasses 14%

Karachi Coronavirus: According to Sindh Health Department figures, the positive rate of COVID-19 cases has topped 14% in Karachi.

According to a representative for the Sindh Health Department, 5967 tests were completed in Karachi in 24 hours, with 870 persons confirmed to be infected, and the city’s positive case rate was 14.58 percent.

The spokesperson stated that in the recent 24 hours, the rate of positive corona cases in Hyderabad was 3.99 percent, while it was 1.79 percent in other districts of Sindh.

According to the spokesman, the overall positive rate of the virus in Sindh was 6.44 percent, and 8 individuals died as a result of the infection across the province.

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On the other hand, Deputy Commissioner Islamabad stated that the city’s corona case rate has climbed from 1% to 5%.

From 9 a.m. today, various sections of Islamabad have been placed under smart lockdown.

Cordoba Town Khanna, Sector G-XI, F-6 Three, G-Seven Two, and Sawan Garden H Block would be subject to Smart Lockdown due to an increase in the number of Coronavirus infections.

The number of COVID-19 cases in Pakistan is rapidly increasing, and the country’s positive rate has climbed to more than 4%.