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Karachi is one of the world’s ten most stressful cities to live in in 2021



Karachi among world's 10 most stressful cities to live in for 2021

According to a report compiled by the German company VAAY, Karachi is one of the world’s top ten most stressful cities to live in.

The index is generated by examining 15 primary stress indicators, including governance, environment, finance, and security.

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According to the list, cities were picked for their size and relevance, as well as the availability of similar and credible data.

The cities with the most stressful social, environmental, and economic situations are at the bottom of the ranking, while the places with the most stability and happiness are at the top.

Karachi is ranked 93rd on the list, slightly higher than Baghdad (94), Kabul (95), and Moscow (96).

Iceland’s tranquil capital, Reykjavik, is the least stressful city on the list, followed by Bern (Switzerland), Helsinki (Finland), Wellington, Melbourne, Oslo, Copenhagen, Innsbruck (Austria), Hannover (Germany), and Graz (Austria).

Mumbai is the 100th most stressful city in the world. Sydney is ranked 19, Abu Dhabi is ranked 28, Toronto is ranked 30, Singapore is ranked 33, Tokyo is ranked 34, Berlin is ranked 36, Chicago is ranked 40, Rome is ranked 42, Los Angeles is ranked 45, Washington is ranked 47, Buenos Aires is ranked 48, Cape Town is ranked 51, Prague is ranked 52, Budapest is ranked 54, Tel Aviv is ranked 55, Paris is ranked 55, Doha is ranked 65, Kuwait is ranked

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The cities picked are not necessarily the most and least stressful in the world; rather, they were chosen for worldwide comparability.

The list’s goal is to demonstrate outstanding governance in order to encourage and pave the way for cities that are falling behind.