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Lahore Waste Management Authority Will Operate as a Self-Contained Organization



Lahore Waste Management Company Will Operate as a Self-Contained Organization
Lahore Waste Management Company Will Operate as a Self-Contained Organization. —

Lahore Waste Management Authority (LWMA) Act, 2021, has been finalized by the Punjab government, which will transform the Lahore Management Company (LWMC) into an autonomous organization.

The autonomy will empower the waste management company to establish and implement by-laws, rules, and regulations, which will help it to function more efficiently overall.

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During a press conference on Sunday, a senior LWMC official stated that the company could not function properly with limited powers of levying fees, registering and licensing, and weak enforcement capabilities.

In spite of this, the MCL retains the authority to hire and fire notified LWMC inspectors, creating uncertainty as a result of the two-tiered command structure. Furthermore, the general public’s approval of a corporation charging fees is low,” he continued.

In the official’s words, the development of the LWMA would enable the organization and its chief executive officer to develop complete rules, try penalty cases through a magistrate court system, and specify the duties of enforcement inspectors.

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According to him, the LWMA will have an independent authority fund to ensure its long-term viability, a single chain of command with hiring and firing authority resting with it for all regular and in-sourced employees, and a shift to basic pay scales to reduce salary bills (contractual hiring will continue to be used as in other authorities).

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