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Man shot his wife and mother for making TikTok videos



Man shot his wife and mother for making TikTok videos

According to authorities, a man in Landhi’s Sherpao Colony shot his wife and her mother because she was posting videos on the social media platform TikTok.

According to Quaidabad SHO Ghous Bux, the man, named only as Ishaq, had warned his wife against going out without his permission and chatting to individuals on the phone, according to SAMAA TV.

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Following a disagreement with her husband, the woman was forced to live with her parents.

According to Bux, the suspect opened fire on his wife and her mother at their house before fleeing, adding that police have taken down the testimony of eyewitnesses and that raids are being conducted to apprehend him.

Anklesaria Hospital in Karachi’s Garden Town was the scene of a shooting on February 2 that claimed the lives of four Tiktokers, named as Muskaan, Amir, Rehan, and Sajjad.

Aamir and Sawaira were good friends, according to the police, but Sawaira did not approve of Aamir’s friendship with Muskaan, according to the police report. Several hours before the incident, Muskaan and Aamir shot a video and posted it to a social networking application, according to the police.

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When Sawaira watched the video, she became enraged and contacted her friend Abdur Rehman, who was later arrested for shooting the four Tiktokers, according to the investigating officer. Muskaan had been threatened by Rehman for some time, and he had even fired a shot to terrify her once.