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NCOC mandates ‘masks’ at churches, marketplaces, hospitals, and other places



NCOC mandates 'masks' at churches, marketplaces, hospitals, and other places.
NCOC mandates 'masks' at churches, marketplaces, hospitals, and other places. —

ISLAMABAD: In light of the increasing number of coronavirus infections in the country, the National Command and Operation Centre (NCOC) mandated the use of masks in mosques, marketplaces, and other public areas on Saturday.

The NCOC, which is the primary agency responsible for implementing the national Covid-19 activities, stated that a minimum of six feet must be maintained between mosques and no carpets may be utilized.

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It instructed children and senior citizens to pray at home. While only those who have been vaccinated would be permitted to visit mosques.

The NCOC advised mosques to use hand sanitizers and to keep doors and windows open. Additionally, it urged Christians to hold smaller Friday gatherings.

Previously, the NCOC chose to close educational institutions with a high Omicron virus positivity rate, a novel Covid-19 strain.

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According to the NCOC, Covid testing was conducted at educational institutions in key Omicron-affected cities to determine illness spread among students and to ensure accurate disease mapping.

There was a high association between vaccination rates and illness rates in various cities, according to data. As a result, it was agreed that vigorous testing would be undertaken at educational institutions for the next two weeks, with a particular emphasis on cities with a high illness prevalence, and that institutes with a high positivity rate would close for one week.