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Pakistan Army Tests Nuclear-Capable Ghaznavi Missile



Pakistan Army Tests Nuclear-Capable Ghaznavi Missile

The Pakistan Army’s successful missile training launch with a nuclear payload, Ghaznavi, demonstrates their capability.

Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR) claimed that the Ghaznavi missile training launch was done to make sure that the Army Strategic Forces Command (ASFC) was prepared to go to war and also to revalidate the technical specifications of the weapon system.

Major General Muhammad Ali, commander of the Aerospace Support Force Command, attended the training launch of the Ghaznavi missile, along with top commanders from Strategic Plans Division (SPD), Aerospace Support Force Command (ASFC), and scientists and engineers from strategic organizations.

In remarks during the inspection of the ASFC, Lieutenant General Muhammad Ali praised the exceptional training, weapon system handling, and launch mission execution of the Ghaznavi missiles by ASFC officers.

The Ghaznavi missile training launch organized by ASFC has also been hailed by the president, prime minister, three service chiefs, and Chairman Joint Chiefs of Staff Committee.

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