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Pakistan Railway charged an extra to Unvaccinated passengers for train tickets



Railways minister removes the dam fund fee on tickets.

According to a spokesperson for Pakistan Railways (PR), the company would begin charging unvaccinated passengers an additional 10% on train tickets starting on Friday.

Nazia Jabeen indicated that the ‘COVID charge’ will become effective on September 1st and will not apply to travellers under the age of twenty-one (passengers under 20). Additionally, travellers above the age of 20 who have not been vaccinated will no longer be permitted to travel by rail starting on January 1, 2022.

“The deadline for all train passengers to have their immunizations is March 31, 2022,” the statement reads. Unvaccinated passengers would not be permitted to board the Karachi Express after April 1, 2022, according to the spokesperson. An economy ticket on the Karachi Express, which costs Rs. 1,850 for one-way travel between Lahore and Karachi, will cost Rs. 2,035 for unvaccinated passengers.

Similarly, the price of an AC Standard Class ticket would rise from Rs. 3,400 to Rs. 3,740, while the price of an AC Business Class ticket will rise from Rs. 4,700 to Rs. 5,170. The price of an AC First Class ticket will remain at Rs. 3,400.

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