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PIA SOPs for tourists headed towards Canada



The Pakistan International Airlines (PIA)

KARACHI: Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) published a set of standard operating procedures (SOPs) for customers flying to Canada on its flights on Tuesday.

The airline is enforcing a Covid-19 test on all customers who are at least five years old and have completed the test 72 hours before to departure. This is because they must obtain a vaccination certificate for the Covid vaccine.

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All required data, including a plan on how to quarantine oneself upon arrival in Canada, must be provided by Canadian citizens flying into Canada with an airline that provides mobile phone app service.

before being permitted to board an aircraft, PIA physicians will inspect all the passengers.

On Monday, Canadian officials authorized Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) to restart service to Toronto, which had been stopped because of a rise in the number of passengers exposed to the highly toxic Covid-19.

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A PIA representative claims that owing to the spike in coronavirus cases, the Canadian government authorized PIA to resume flights to Toronto, which were cargo-only flights. Travel advisories relating to Canada, however, would not be discontinued, said the flag carrier spokeswoman.

The airline would begin by offering three direct flights from Pakistan to Toronto each week in the initial phase. After assuring the Canadian authorities that the airline will follow stringent standard operating procedures, the PIA CEO’s clearance was provided.