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PIA will bring more 2 million doses of COVID-19 vaccine to Pakistan



The Pakistan International Airlines (PIA)

According to report Pakistan International Airlines, PIA planes would transport more than two million doses of COVID-19 vaccine to Pakistan today.

According to the spokeswoman, two Boeing 777s from the fleet are planned to arrive in Beijing today with more than two million doses of the Sinopharm vaccine. He further stated that PIA had brought more than fifteen million doses of COVID-19 vaccinations to Pakistan from various sites around the world.

Just yesterday, Pakistan received approximately 64,000 doses of Pfizer vaccine, which were transported into the country by a foreign airline. Pakistan inked an arrangement with Pfizer Inc to obtain 12 million doses of vaccine, 100,000 of which had arrived in Pakistan as of last month.

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The American vaccine (Pfizer) is being given to patients with weakened immune systems, those suffering from chronic conditions, and those traveling overseas.

It is worth noting that the Pakistani government intends to vaccinate 80 million persons against the coronavirus by December 2021. The arrival of additional doses of Covid-19 vaccinations will aid the country’s vaccination campaign.

Pakistan’s COVID-19 (COVID) vaccination campaign is in full gear, having attained the milestone of administering one million COVID vaccine doses in one day on August 3rd. The administration now intends to immunize 80 million persons by the end of the year. The arrival of new vaccination doses will aid in the achievement of the target.

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