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PM Imran Khan is focus on Sindh, in order to eliminate corruption



Imran Khan

The anti-corruption effort will continue, and Prime Minister Imran Khan is now focusing on Sindh, according to a government official.

Speaking to reporters at Gill House in Samundari, the home of former MPA Mazhar Ali Gill, Special Assistant to the Prime Minister for Political Communication Dr Shahbaz Gill said that after rooting out corrupt elements in other provinces, Prime Minister Imran Khan’s attention would now shift to Sindh, where massive corruption had occurred.

Sindh had been robbed with impunity for the last 14 years, he claimed, adding that after winning the Kashmir polls, the prime minister would activate his party in Sindh, which had alarmed the Sindh administration.

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The administrator was recruited only for the purpose of robbing the nation, as the Sindh government has collected Rs6 trillion to 7 trillion from the federation since the 18th Amendment’s implementation, with more than Rs2 trillion received during the PTI administration. However, instead of being spent on the welfare of Sindhis, that money was mercilessly robbed, he claimed.

Gill stated that Sindh was as important to the PTI as Punjab, and that Imran Khan was as much the prime minister of Sindhis as of Punjabis.

He also criticized the PML-N leadership, claiming that Nawaz Sharif was prime minister of Pakistan three times and that during that time, he plundered the country’s wealth with impunity and transported the cash to foreign nations.

He fled the nation under the guise of seeking treatment abroad, but the British government has refused to extend his visa, claiming that he is not ill and is lying.

“Had Baji Maryam been in London, she would have written a report in calibri font, but she is in Pakistan, and no doctor in London is cooperating with Nawaz Sharif,” Gill joked.

He stated that Nawaz Sharif would now be taken to Adiala Jail and held there, where he had previously been detained. He said that both Sharif brothers were robbers who had looted the country’s money.

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Their justifications would no longer be accepted, and the seized wealth would be returned to them. Because Imran Khan was a true and fearless leader, he added, it was best for them to restore the looted wealth freely; otherwise, they would have to go to jail and face accountability trials.

On the day of his martyrdom, the special assistant to the prime minister also paid rich honors to Major Tufail Shaheed, saying that Pakistani forces were proud of its martyrs.

Earlier, he offered his condolences on the death of former MPA Mazhar Ali Gill’s sister-in-law and prayed that Allah Almighty may rest the departed soul in peace and grant patience to the bereaved family.