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PM Imran Khan reported a 6.8% drop in COVID-19 cases



PM Imran Khan
PM Imran Khan reported a 6.8% drop in COVID-19 cases —

COVID-19 Cases: Prime Minister Imran Khan was notified on Friday that the number of positive coronavirus infections has reduced by 6.8 percent since February 10, as have hospital admissions and patients requiring critical care, according to his office.

Details of the data were delivered to the Prime Minister during a briefing on the government’s anti-coronavirus actions. The Prime Minister was briefed on the Omicron wave in the country, as well as its global and regional expansion.

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According to the PM Office, authorities were told that the Omicron’s peak was in January, with instances dropping, but that the cases are still greatest in the United States and Europe.

Coronavirus cases in Pakistan approaching 50,000

The Prime Minister was informed that India presently leads the region in coronavirus mortality, with around 1,000 people dying each day from COVID-19.

On the other hand, the premier was informed that the government’s efforts to guarantee strict adherence to coronavirus standard operating procedures (SOPs) in Pakistan had resulted in a decrease in the number of Omicron cases.

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The conference was also informed that the number of patients seeking intensive care after being identified with the Omicron variant was 71% lower than in the last pandemic wave.

“Since February 10, the number of positive cases has decreased by 6.8 percent, as have hospital admissions and the need for intensive care, which is a healthy trend,” the meeting was informed. The Prime Minister and senior authorities were also informed that the latest wave is inflicting 42 deaths per day on average.