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PTI Candidate List for AJK Election 2021




PTI Candidate List for AJK Election 2021: More than 700 candidates representing 32 political and religious organizations are running against one other for the 45 general seats.

Out of the remaining eight vacant seats, five are reserved for women and three are reserved for religious experts, technocrats, and Kashmiris living in other countries.

After the elections, nominations are made for the members who will fill these positions.

S. No Constituency Division Applicant Name
1 LA-01 Mirpur-1  











Azhar Sadiq
2 LA-02 Mirpur-2 Zafar Anwar
3 LA-03 Mirpur-3 Sultan Mehmood Chaudhry
4 LA-04 Mirpur-4 Ch. Arshad Hussain
5 LA-05 Bhimber-1 Anwar ul Haq Noor
6 LA-06 Bhimber-2 Choudhry Ali Shan Soni
7 LA-07 Bhimber-3 Chaudhary Anwar ul Haq
8 LA-08 Kotli-1 Zafar Iqbal Malik
9 LA-09 Kotli-2 Asif Hanif
10 LA-10 Kotli-3 Malik Muhammad Yousaf
11 LA-11 Kotli-4 Choudhary Mohammad Akhlaq
12 LA-12 Kotli-5 Shoukat Farid
13 LA-13 Kotli-6 Nisar Ansar Abdali
14 LA-14 Gharbi Bagh  










Major ( R) Muhammad Latif Khalique
15 LA-15 Wasti Bagh Sardar Tanveer Ilyas Khan
16 LA-16 Sharki Bagh Sardar Mir Akbar Khan
17 LA-17 Haveli Kahutta Amir Nazir Choudhary
18 LA-18 Poonch-1 Sardar Abdul Qayyum Niazi
19 LA-19 Poonch-2 Sardar Arzish Sudhozai
20 LA-20 Poonch-3 Khattab Azam Khan
21 LA-21 Poonch-4 Nayyar Ayyub Khan
22 LA-22 Poonch-5 Shahida Saghir
23 LA-23 Sudhnoti-1


Sardar Muhammad Hussain Khan
24 LA-24 Sudhnoti-2


Faheem Akhtar
25 LA-25 Neelam-1  








Sardar Gul-e-Khandan
26 LA-26 Neelam-2 Raja Mohammad Ilyas Khan
27 LA-27 MZD-1 Mir Atiq ur Rehman
28 LA-28 MZD-2 Chaudhary Shahzad
29 LA-29 MZD-3 Khawaja Farooq Ahmed
30 LA-30 MZD-4 Muhammad Rashid
31 LA-31 MZD-5 Raja Muhammad Mansoor Khan
32 LA-32 MZD-6 Syed Zeeshan Haider Kazmi
33 LA-33 MZD-7 Dewan Ali Khan Chughtai
34 LA-34 Jammu-1  





Riaz Ahmad
35 LA-35 Jammu-2 Maqbool Ahmed
36 LA-36 Jammu-3 Hafiz Hamid Raza
37 LA-37 Jammu-4 Muhammad Akmal Sargala
38 LA-38 Jammu-5 Muhammad Akbar Chaudhary
39 LA-39 Jammu-6 Nazia Niaz
40 LA-40 Valley-1  





Muhammad Saleem Butt
41 LA-41 Valley-2 Ghulam Mohi ud Din Dewan
42 LA-42 Valley-3 Muhammad Asim Sharif
43 LA-43 Valley-4 Javed Butt
44 LA-44 Valley-5 Bashir Ahmad Khan
45 LA-45 Valley-6 Abdul Majid Khan

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