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Sindh Govt has decided to block Sims unvaccinated persons



Sindh Govt has decided to block Sims unvaccinated persons

The Sindh Govt on Friday decided to propose that the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) block the SIM cards of persons who have not been vaccinated, in response to a dramatic increase in Coronavirus infections across the country.

From his Twitter account, MURTAZA WAHAB, the Sindh government’s spokesman and advisor to the chief minister of Sindh on environmental issues, announced the decision to restrict sims in the province.

He stated that the provincial administration would approach the National Command and Operations Center (NCOC) and the Public Transportation Authority (PTA) to request that SIM cards issued to unvaccinated individuals be blocked.

The Chief Minister of Sindh has also stated that the PTA will be engaged through the federal government to send messages to subscribers encouraging them to get vaccinated, and that those who do not get vaccinated within a week will have their SIM cards blocked.

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