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SSC 2021: Exam papers cannot reach to lot of centres



SSC 2021: Exam papers cannot reach to lot of centres

KARACHI: The second shift in enrolment tests had various challenges, with problems both for students and watchmakers hours after misadministration during the first shifts, Geo News reported on Monday.

The second change to the SSC Annual Examination2021 was impacted by mismanagement since papers on economics and Islamic studies were unable to reach multiple test centers. The second step toward the Secondary School Certificate is a lack of management.

After the exam papers were not received, a school administration in the city of Maripur was compelled to re-send students. The examination had been planned at 14:30, but after several hours it didn’t begin.

Paper on Physics

Earlier in the day, an exam center in the metropolis released a physics paper as the matriculation exam began today.

According to the report, the paper was opened at 9:30am and after four minutes, the questionnaire was available outside the test sites.

The paper began late at numerous examination centers, one of which was in Malir, where the students and their parents expressed their unhappiness with the situation.

A teacher at Al-Asif government scheme in Malir had, however, stressed that the kids would get the two hours required to complete their assignment when they received the question paper.

The question was not presented until 13:00 in a school in Surjani City, although it was not yet delivered by parents and kids. At the time this report was filed, the paper did not arrive.

In addition, Geo News received footage that showed pupils freely using mobile telephones throughout the examination, although this was banned. According to details, solved documents were shared on the phones used by pupils to cheat in the examinations.

‘Look in it’

Meanwhile, Education Minister Saeed Ghani published the first document with a statement that he “looks” at the concerns following reports of maladministration.

“There is no competence for education boards,” he added.

Imposed Section 144

In total, 348,249 pupils enrolled for Grade IX and Matric Examinations for the Science and General Group, according to the Board of Karachi (BSEK) Chairman Syed Sharaf Ali Shah.

Of the 438 exam centres, 185 were established in state schools and 253 in private institutions with 201 centers for females and 237 for children.

In the Board office a reporting cell for the monitoring of the examinations was established.

Copying culture will be prevented by special teams from the board.

The District Administration has at the request of the BSEK Chairman sent letters to law enforcement authorities in order to impose Section 144 on all examination centres, which would ban external involvement.

He has also warned pupils against bringing cell phones to the examination centers or confiscating them.

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