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The ECP has banned Imran Khan from the Toshakhana case



Imran Khan
The ECP has banned Imran Khan from the Toshakhana case. — File/Photo

Imran Khan, the PTI chairman and former prime minister, has been disqualified by the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) in the Toshakhana case, according to ARY News.

Imran Khan was found to have provided a fake affidavit and to have engaged in corrupt behavior, according to the ECP, which ordered the PTI chairman to have criminal investigations filed against him.

Imran Khan is no longer a member of the National Assembly.

On September 19, a five-member ECP panel led by Chief Election Commissioner Sikandar Sultan Raja reserved judgment in the Toshakhana reference brought against former prime minister Imran Khan.

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The ECP sent notices to all parties involved in the case, including the previous prime minister, first before the decision was made public.

The Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) does not have the authority to disqualify candidates under Article 62-1-F, according to arguments made by Barrister Ali Zafar before the ECP during the case’s most recent hearing.

Has a court found Khan to be not Sadiq and Ameen?, Attorney Ali Zafar enquired. The disqualification case under Article 62-1-F of the constitution, according to Imran Khan’s attorney, cannot be considered by the ECP because it is not a court but rather a commission.

After hearing the PTI attorney’s arguments, the ECP postponed making a decision in the Toshakhana case against Imran Khan.

In August 2022, National Assembly Speaker Raja Pervaiz Ashraf sent the Toshakhana scandal-related disqualification of former Prime Minister Imran Khan to the ECP in accordance with Articles 62A, 63A, and 223 of the Constitution.

Ali Gohar Khan, Mohsin Nawaz Ranjha of the PML-N, and five other individuals submitted the disqualification reference.

The 28-page reference listed 52 gifts that Toshakhana, the former prime minister Khan, received while breaking the law and following the norms. Most of the gifts, including several priceless watches, were sold in the market.