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Tiktok ban for the third time in Pakistan



Tiktok has been banned for the third time in Pakistan

Tiktok, a video-sharing software, has been outlawed in Pakistan yet again by the Sindh High Court. This is the third time the Tiktok ban due to “objectionable content.”

The Pakistan Telecommunication Authority has been directed to immediately suspend the application.

The attorney general and others have received notices for July 8.
The petition was filed by Barrister Asad Ashfaq. He said that it hosts immoral and anti-Islamic content.

He stated that he had filed a complaint with the PTA, but that no action had been taken.

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Pakistan’s TikTok history

On October 9, 2020, the video-sharing app was initially stopped in Pakistan due to its “obscene and immoral” content. The PTA stated that it had sent a final notice to the app and provided ample time for it to reply and build an efficient method for ‘proactive monitoring of unlawful internet content.’ According to a news release issued by the PTA, TikTok has failed to completely comply with the authority’s directions.

However, the prohibition was lifted after 10 days. According to the PTA spokeswoman, TikTok management has told the authority that it will block all accounts that are repeatedly involved in propagating obscenity and immorality, as well as regulate content in accordance with local laws. The authorities has not stated if the app will be unblocked right away.

The authority stated at the time of the restriction that the decision was made in response to complaints about the app’s “immoral/indecent content.” “In light of the presence of vulgar, indecent/immoral content on the platform and its negative effects on society, the PTA has been continuously urging TikTok to prevent its platform from disseminating unlawful content,” it said, adding that the app had not taken concrete steps to block and remove illegal content.

On March 11, the PTA halted TikTok for the second time in response to a high court judgment.

“In accordance with the orders of the Peshawar High Court, the PTA has given directions to service providers to immediately prohibit access to the TikTok App,” the PTA said in a tweet.

The PHC issued the order to restrict the app because to the availability of “immoral content” on the platform. PHC Chief Justice Qaiser Rashid Khan instructed the authorities in a brief decision that the restriction should not be lifted until problematic content is removed.

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On September 8, 2020, a man petitioned the Supreme Court. He said that he went to court after the PTA and other institutions neglected to take notice of the app’s “immoral and unpleasant” material.

After three weeks, the ban was lifted.