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TikToker Kashif Zameer, who defrauded Engin Altan, was re-arrested



TikToker Kashif Zameer, who defrauded Engin Altan, was re-arrested

LAHORE: One of Turkey’s mega-hits, Ertugral Ghazilead ,’s character, Engin Altan, was duped into becoming the brand ambassador of a bogus company in Lahore by Kashif Zameer, the star of another mega-hit, TikToker Kashif Zameer, who was arrested on Thursday, police there said.

Zameer, who is famous for his larger-than-life TikTok videos, invited Altan to Pakistan, who he recently “created” by sending a fraudulent draft for an extremely huge sum of money.

After being interviewed in a Turkish play, the star of the hit series appeared in Pakistan, where dignitaries such as Punjab Chief Minister Usman Buzdar were present.

The arrangement, however, was a fraud as Zameer did not give Altan any money.

Tiktoker was detained following Altan’s report to Punjab’s top officer, Inam Ghani.

SP Iqbal Town Mian Shafqat, chief of the CID at the DSP CIA Iqbal Town, reported to  that Ghani instructed the CCPO to pursue the suspect.

The Honda Civic together with a green license plate and a spinning blue light were found during the raid on his apartment.

The DSP added that “all these items are bogus” as they displayed gold chains, rings, and other bling found on Zameer.

In an interview, he told a news reporter that he had many of additional legal claims against him, saying, “His acts have ruined the reputation of the country.”

He explained that “The suspect has at least six cases pending against him in Lahore and Sialkot, and on top of that, he’s illegally carrying firearms and committing fraud.