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To cut costs, Pakistan Railway outsources Mehran and Sir Syed Express



To cut costs, PR outsources Mehran and Sir Syed Express.

LAHORE: Pakistan Railway (PR) handed over Sir Syed Express and Mehran Express to the private sector on Thursday in order to improve passenger convenience, according to ARY News.

Sir Syed Express and Mehran Express have been handed over to the private sector, according to a notification released by Pakistan Railways (PR).

It has been announced that Mehran Express and Sir Syed Express will begin operating in the private sector on July 5. The Pakistan Railways (PR) administration has underlined that the private sector will just sell tickets and check on the abovementioned trains, while the engine, driver, and guard will be handled by the PR administration.

The private sector, on the other hand, has begun the booking process by raising ticket costs by 50%.

Pakistan Railways agreed last year to outsource the commercial administration of eight passenger trains to the private sector.

The railway department has requested private-sector bids for the commercial management of passenger trains.

The trains include the Karachi-Rawalpindi Sir Syed Express, the Karachi-Havelian Hazara Express, the Karachi-Lahore Shalimar Express, the Lahore-Mari Indus Mianwali Express, the Lahore-Sialkot Narowal Passenger, the Karachi-Mirpur Khas Mehran Express, the Lahore-Multan Moenjo Daro Express, the Lahore-