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Top PIA Officers Warned by NAB Over Expensive Aircraft Lease



National Accountability Bureau - NAB
Top PIA Officers Warned by NAB Over Expensive Aircraft Lease —

It has been determined that certain top officers of the Pakistan International Airlines – PIA, including seven members of the “bid opening committee,” were involved in the alleged dubious acquisition of six aircraft on wet-lease at a cost of Rs. 2.73 billion, according to the National Accountability Bureau.

According to the details, the Auditor General of Pakistan informed a subcommittee of the National Assembly Public Accounts Committee (PAC) on August 28, 2020, that the Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) had obtained six aircraft on wet lease in 2014-15 for Rs. 2.73 billion without following the prescribed procedures and procedures.

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The auditors warned the sub-committee that the wet-lease was prohibitively expensive, and that only wealthy airlines could afford to participate in the scheme. Additional violations included the fact that PIA advertised for only four aircraft rather than the required six.

Despite their discontent, the subcommittee requested to know why the planes had been procured in the first place when they were not required.

In the end, the NAB was tasked with conducting more investigations into the case, which was referred to the committee.

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