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Transformer Explosion in Hyderabad leave 5 dead and 18 injured



Transformer Explosion in Hyderabad leave 5 dead and 18 injured

Five individuals who were injured in a transformer explosion in Hyderabad died as a result of their injuries on Friday morning at the Civil Hospital in Karachi.

The transformer explosion was discovered early on Thursday morning. After a 15-day power outage in Latifabad, the Hyderabad Electric Supply Company decided to install a new transformer in the neighborhood. Residents were burned when hot oil spilled on them, resulting in 18 injuries.

There are seven persons in critical condition. A total of three people are being treated at the Civil Hospital, and four others are being treated in a private hospital in Gulshan-e-Iqbal.

Noman and Shujaat have been confirmed as the deceased. Tabish and Waqas have also been identified. Their bodies have been transported to Hyderabad, where they will be returned to their respective families.

The power distribution system in Hyderabad, according to MNA Sabir Qaim Khani, has deteriorated in recent years.

The A Section police have opened an investigation into the actions of five Hesco workers who were negligent in the investigation. Laws 322 (Punishment for qatl-bis-sabab) and 427 (Mischief causing damage in the sum of fifty rupees) of the Pakistan Penal Code are referenced in the FIR, as well as other relevant sections.

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