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UET Student Selected For Googles Summer Of Code Program 2021



According to a news statement from the University of Engineering and Technology (UET), Lahore, a student has been nominated by Google to participate in the highly sought Google Summer of Code Program 2021.

Ghulam Ghous, a student at the UET’s Computer Science Department, was chosen for the ‘Omni Project: Live Chat Widget – Accessible Mode’ project, which was arranged in principle by Rocket.

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Chat Is a well-known communication hub for persons with impairments that fosters team collaboration and organises conversations.

The Google Summer of Code programme aims to attract student engineers from all over the world to open source software development. During their break from school, students collaborate with several open-source groups on a 10-week programming project.

Students aged 18 and over who are enrolled in a post-secondary academic programme are eligible to apply.