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Victim in Lahore Ching-Chi Harassment Case Identifies 4 Suspects



Another woman was molested while riding in 'Ching-chi'

According to the victim, these men followed her about, catcalled her, and harassed her on a regular basis.

The victim in Lahore’s Ching-chi harassment case, whose video went viral on Independence Day, has identified four new suspects in connection with the investigation.

Among the group of motorcyclists that are following ching-chi rickshaws and harassing ladies who are riding in them, the victim has identified Usman, Irfan, Abdul Rehman, and Sajid as being there.

In the case of the Lahore Rickshaw harassment, the police claim to have apprehended the main culprit.

It was made by the Gulshan-e-Ravi police station in the city. As Pakistan celebrated its 70th anniversary, Tariq Khan was captured on camera promising sexual activities with female passengers in a rickshaw around Minar-e-Pakistan.

As a result of the victim’s and law enforcement’s assistance in creating the sketch, it was distributed to police stations throughout the city in order to apprehend the suspect involved in the rickshaw harassment incident.

Following the arrest of one more suspect in connection with the harassment of a woman riding in a Qingqi rickshaw near Lahore’s Greater Iqbal Park on Independence Day, the Punjab police said that they had detained a third suspect in the case.