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Indian team ‘hurt but not discouraged’ by defeat, according to Virat Kohli



Indian team 'hurt but not discouraged' by defeat, according to Virat Kohli
Indian team 'hurt but not discouraged' by defeat, according to Virat Kohli —

Virat Kohli, India’s captain, admitted that his team is in pain after losing the third Test against England at Headingley by a significant margin, but he insisted that his team is not demoralized.

English cricketers defeated India by an innings and 76 runs on the fourth day of the Test to tie the five-match series, which will be resumed at The Oval on Saturday.
Despite the short turnaround time, Virat claims that it will not be a problem for them to put the setback behind them.

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He stated, “We enjoy being in this scenario where people begin to cast doubt on our abilities and begin to seriously question the capabilities of our team.” He added, “That is the circumstance we enjoy being in the most.” I can assure you of one thing: we will not be demoralised as a result of this defeat.

“The boys in the locker room are in pain. Moreover, when they are injured, they are compelled to make amends for the mistakes they made throughout the game. That is the manner in which we will approach the next two test matches.”

Virat categorically rejected blaming specific individuals for the defeat. During India’s first innings loss against Australia, he remarked the entire batting unit was unhappy, and the bowling unit was also not consistent enough in its performance.

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Meanwhile, he went on to say that the club is open to moving players in order to give them a break over the lengthy series, but that they will not try to draught in an extra batsman in the remaining matches because it would upset their ideal balance.

When the series began in Nottingham, India was placed second in the international Test rankings. They had a chance to win the first Test before weather forced a draw, and they overcame England at Lord’s to take a 1-0 lead in the three-match series.

Virat Kohli stated, “This game has been a bit of an aberration in terms of how we have performed throughout the series,” adding, “You don’t become a poor team overnight.”

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The way you approach the next game, your thinking, is everything. ” In addition, I can tell you that we will arrive with a great deal more resolve and energy than we displayed in this game.”

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