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Samsung Commits to Putting an End to Galaxy Phone Slowness



Samsung Commits to Putting an End to Galaxy Phone Slowness
Samsung Commits to Putting an End to Galaxy Phone Slowness —

Samsung was caught crimson last week slowing down its handsets in more than 10,000 apps, and the company was fined. Game Optimization Service (GOS), a function in system apps, social apps, Google apps, and various third-party applications (with the exception of benchmarking applications), is slowing down hardware performance in these applications.

A Korean YouTuber revealed that Google’s operating system (GOS) was limiting app performance by up to 56 percent. In addition to testing programmes, the optimization service does not operate for video games, but the YouTuber was able to demonstrate the performance difference by renaming 3DMark to Genshin Impact, a hugely popular video game.

GOS (Game Optimizing Service)

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It was demonstrated that there was a difference in performance by comparing benchmarking results obtained with and without GOS.

GOS (Game Optimizing Service) of the Samsung Galaxy S22 series is pre-installed to optimize CPU and GPU performance and prevent excessive heating when you play a game for a long time. To meet the current needs of different customers, we are planning to update the Game Booster Lab as soon as possible to offer an option to prioritize performance

Samsung has openly acknowledged the issue and has issued a statement to its Korean customers in response to it. GOS, according to the manufacturer, is designed to reduce overheating during gaming, but it does not explain why it is causing thousands of other programs to run more slowly. Samsung has also stated that a fix for GOS will be released as soon as possible.