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Careem Update It’s Policy Regarding Extra Cash Payments



Careem Update Its Policy Regarding Extra Cash Payments

Careem has lately revised their policy on compensating captains after a ride has been completed. According to a snapshot given by a consumer, the new policy places restrictions on the amount of money you can pay to them.

The extra money may previously be deposited into clients’ wallets if captains did not have change (which happened most often first thing in the morning). The company says that its Gold customers (those who have completed 15 rides or orders, or a combination of both, in a month) can pay “an additional amount of PKR 400 to the Captain” after each ride, while other customers can pay “an additional amount of PKR 100 to their Careem PAY Wallet” after each ride, according to the company.

A previous technological glitch had caused Careem to charge a client thousands of dollars, therefore the company recommended its consumers to double-check their wallets after paying the amount.

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