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Facebook Is Developing Voice and Video Calling Capabilities to Main App



Facebook, Inc., is an American technology conglomerate based in Menlo Park, California
Facebook Is Developing Voice and Video Calling Capabilities to Main App —

Facebook intends to reintroduce voice and video calls to its main app. Since Facebook transferred these capabilities to Messenger in 2014, they have been missing from the main app.

This week, several individuals began to notice the talking functions on the main app as part of a test. Facebook has not revealed any plans to add other Messenger capabilities to the main app, although Messenger’s director of product management has stated that “you’re going to start to see quite a bit more of this over time.”

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According to The Verge, Facebook is testing voice and video calls in “many nations, including the United States.” The social media behemoth has not stated how many users would benefit from the functionality, but it is apparent that the Messenger app is not going away. This is due to Facebook’s statement that “users should continue to utilize Messenger for a full-featured message, audio, and video call experience.”

This also indicates that the primary app will not have significant conversation functionality like Messenger.

The move follows the filing of an upgraded antitrust case this week, which might force Facebook to spin out major programs such as WhatsApp, Instagram, and Messenger.

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As a result, it is probable that Facebook is attempting to get around the dilemma by reintroducing Messenger functionality into the main app.

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